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Please select your session by scrolling the drop-down menu and  book your session by clicking on 'Buy Now'. Within one working day you will receive an email from my office to set up an appointment for your session. All sessions are available ONLINE through Skype, WhatsApp, over the phone or IN PERSON at Rachel's exclusive practice in Beverly Hills and Seal Beach, CA. (English, Francais, Nederlands spoken)


Rachel uses her intuition and the

guidance of the angels to sense your

blockages and help you root out the

source of your challenges.  Rachel assists you then by applying therapeutic tools to make the necessary changes as  introducing new habits, thoughts, spiritual practise and healing energy to help you manifest your highest path. The angels have exceeded all her expectations in the way they have changed her life and it is her mission to inspire you and

guide you to do the same. 

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As an  established Atlantean

Healing Master Teacher and Healer, Rachel has helped many clients worldwide since more than a decade and has experienced all the benefits of this powerful energy. Atlantean Healing brings empowerment and clarity  to achieve your goals, facilitates spiritual reconnection, opens up a deep sense of inner peace, allows reconnection with past-lives for insights and karma release, boost and balance your energy, support your body

during any health challenge. 



Rachel  loves teaching the ancient knowledge from the healing temples and guides her students to apply these healing modalities in their daily lives. Strongly connected with the Divine Feminine, Rachel's worldwide Goddess Retreat are always a great source of empowerment, joy, strength, comfort and sisterhood. Her teachings and retreat are available in French, Dutch and English. Rachel is originally from South of France and brings the Mediterranean warmth into her work as well. 



Rachel Boulouys

Beverly Hills & Seal Beach

California, USA 



Worldwide skype sessions in French, Dutch and English. In-person sessions at the exclusive private practice in Beverly Hills and Seal Beach, CA. For any questions please fill in the form below, thank you!


Séances en francais également par skype ou en personne au cabinet à Beverly Hills et Seal Beach, merci de me contacter ci-dessous.


Sessies  mogelijk in het nederlands via  skype of bij de praktijk in Beverly Hills en Seal Beach CA. Stuur een bericht via het formulier hieronder, bedankt!

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