Rachel Boulouys is an international Women Empowerment Guide, an Intuitive Life Coach and Master Healer.


Her mission is to empower and inspire women worldwide to achieve their full potential. Rachel teaches, organises Goddess retreats, spiritual workshops and gives private intuitive and healing sessions by Skype and in person at her exclusive practice in Beverly Hills and Seal Beach, California. 

Rachel is known for her loving and uplifting energy. Since her childhood Rachel has been strongly connected to her spirituality and has developed her gifts and skills through the years to complete her training as follows:

-Certified Hypnotherapist

-Certified Past-Life Therapist
-Atlantean Healing Master Teacher & Healer
-Established Angel Reader
-Established Angel Medium
-Established Angel Healer

-Certified Kinesiologist

-Touch for Health Practitioner
-EFT Practitioner
-Magnified Healing Teacher & Healer
-Lemurian Healing Teacher & Healer
-Unicorn Healing Teacher & Healer

-Reiki practitioner

Her classes and sessions are available in French, Dutch and English. Rachel is originally from South of France and brings the Mediterranean warmth into her work.  


''Words can not describe how thankful I am to have met Rachel. The Angels have placed her into my life to serve a beautiful, powerful, higher purpose. And I will always be eternally grateful. She has helped me to bring so much love, true joy, and forgiveness back into my heart and life with her many healing modalities.  The role she plays as my mentor and teacher, has inspired me to discover, explore, and trust my own gifts. Rachel’s core is filled with unconditional love. Every time I leave a session with her, I feel energized and completely supported. I admire how she operates from a high frequency. She inspires me everyday. Her Angel Card readings are just that, angelic. You feel safe and protected in her space. As a vessel, Rachel communicates your message for your highest good. Its a beautiful experience to be in her presence. Over the past 10 months, I have attended several workshops with Rachel, tapping into the loving energy of Angels, Unicorns, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and other Ascended Masters. I felt called to also have her train me in Atlantean Healing, where I became an Atlantean Healing Practitioner. Learning about these beautiful spiritual beings, truly, makes my heart smile. Rachel makes my heart smile. Rachel’s mission to heal the world touches my soul. She is the change we want to see in the world. Rachel- I love you immensely! And I am honored to call you a friend and soul sister''.



I would highly recommend my friend and colleague Rachel Boulouys, who is an Atlantean Healing Teacher and Master Practitioner. I lovingly call her my ”human MRI” machine due to her clear intuition and accurate insights about the clients’ health and body during her Atlantean Healing Sessions. 

Birkan Tore (Founder of Atlantean Healing, askangels.com)


Allow me to give you a big THANK YOU for helping me transform my life and seing what I did not see back then. You are inspiring and great in what you do. I wish you all the success, health and love in the world, sending you all the blessing I can send and hope to see you back one day! Love and blessings

Georgia K. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)​