Lemurian Healing Certification Workshop with Rachel Boulouys, Lemurian Healing Master Healer & Teacher

Monday, September 5, 2016 (10am-4:30pm)

Redondo Beach (location to be communicated upon registration)


Lemuria was the Golden Age before Atlantis and the high frequency Lemurians passionately loved nature and wanted to heal Earth. If you feel you were in Lemuria or you have a strong connection with nature and animals and want to help the world, Lemurian healing is for you.

This one-day certification Lemurian Healing workshop is offering you the opportunity to connect with the Lemurians, learn how to heal the planet by using the very powerful Lemurian energy and the lemurian crystals and to practise how to live as lightly as possible on the planet. 


In this course you will learn about:

• Lemuria and the Lemurians, its purpose and its energy

• How and why the powerful Lemurian crystals were formed.

•The Great Crystal of Lemuria 


You will: 

• be guided to Lemuria through a past-life meditation

• be Initiated into Lemurian healing

• practise sending Lemurian healing

• practise Lemurian self-healing 

• connect with your Lemurian Crystal

INVESTMENT: 120 dollars for all day including a small Lemurian seed crystal, coffee/tea & refresments 


For any questions about this certification workshop please email  Rachel by using the form at the contact page.