​​''Happiness is a state of mind''


My mission is to help you cross the mental borders and help you discover a new 'You' and a whole new world beyond ''I can' t''. Hypnotherapy is

one of the vehicle that will carry you across the border.


I have crossed many borders from France to Holland, from Amsterdam to California but the biggest one I crossed was in my mind and it freed me. You can too! You can cross oceans but if you are stuck within your mental borders, everything you want to experience will be right across the border known as ''I can' t ''. Time to travel to land of ''I CAN''!


Hypnotherapy access the subconscious mind through a deep guided

meditation to help you implement the positive changes you desire. It is a very safe form of focusing the concentration while your body relaxes. You can open your eyes any time and you are always in control. As a certified and experienced Hypnotherapist, Rachel provides a safe and friendly

space to support you on your journey of self-improvement. 


Hypnotherapy sessions can be done over the phone, on skype as long as you are comfortably seated and have privacy or in person at Rachel's  exclusive practice in Beverly Hills and Seal Beach CA.


Rachel is member of the American Hypnosis Association: AHA.

A mind without borders, that's enlightenment

                                                                    Rachel Boulouys