Work your Heart

Heart Chakra balancing and Healing

February is the month of LOVE, the perfect time to work your heart by soothing your pain and sadness and reclaiming your JOY! You deserve to be HAPPY!

Schedule an appointment with Rachel to heal.

(distance or in person)

Investment for your heart healer :$96 (Your crystal included)



What are the benefit of a Heart Chakra Balancing and Healing?

  • Helps remove emotional blocks and negative thoughts

  • Raises your vibrations

  • Supports you with life-changing situations such a divorce, break-up, conflict, job loss

  • Opens your heart  to love (love for yourself and for others)

  • Helps you attract your soulmate 

  • Develops your intuition and your psychic gifts

  • Gives a deeper sense of connection and belonging with yourself and others

  • Assists you in communicating with the angels, God, your spirit guides, the ascended masters, all the beings of light.

  • Brings a sense of peace and calmness

  • Soothes feelings of panic and anxiety

  • Reawaken your inner-child for more joy and spontaneity in your life

  • Facilitates the forgiveness process

  • Helps you rise above anger, resentment, jealousy and envy


A Heart Chakra balancing and healing also explores:

  • The roots of the pain and sadness in your heart 

  • The self-sabotage programme (s) active when you experience lack of love (self-love and in relationships)


After your healing session Rachel will give you a detailed feedback and intuitive guidance about the next step to take in your life.

Extra bonus this month

You will receive a pocket size Lemurian Seed Crystal charged and connected with the Cosmic Heart and the Archangel of Love Chamuel to keep your heart chakra balanced in the vibrations of unconditional love. 

Investment for your heart healer :$96 (Your crystal included)



Thank you for an absolutely wonderful and beautiful and powerful healing!

I feel relieved and at peace. Such a blessing! And what a wonderful feeling after all this sadness and heartache during a very long time, almost 18 months...

And thank you for a fantastic reading, I really, really needed the clarity and understanding of the situation. And the hope for a better love coming my way too.. :)

So thank you so very much and take care!!

I will sleep like a baby tonight! :)