Golden Atlantis Certification Programme


A full and deep programme to rediscover and experience the Atlantean Golden Age: the spiritual level of the planet was the highest it has ever been and the people enjoyed incredible psychic gifts as well as technological and spiritual powers beyond our current comprehension. This programme is created to reclaim your amazing talents, psychic and spiritual gifts, it brings wisdom, power and enlightenment into your own life and the lives of others. The programme contains a variety of activations, attunement, exercices, practise and guided meditations to enable you to connect to all beings of lights of Golden Atlantis and channel your divine power back in this present time.


Each module is one day class (6 hours), online or in-person. It can be combined with other programs. At the end you will be certified Atlantean Healing Practitioner. You will be able to send Atlantean Healing to yourself and others.


During these 9 days private classes you will learn about:

  • Day 1) The gifts of the Golden age, Intuition, Clairvoyance and activation of the 3rd eye

  • Day 2) The 12 chakras of Golden Atlantis activation and Aura Energy

  • Day 3) How to maintain your vibrations high, spirituals tools, Karma clearing meditation

  • Day 4) Guardians and teachers of Atlantis, past-life meditation to Golden Atlantis

  • Day 5) Atlantean Healing Energy™, attunement and Atlantean Healing procedure, use of intuition in Healing

  • Day 6) Absent healing, how to use and connect with Crystals

  • Day 7) The unicorns and their beautiful healing energy

  • Day 8) The dragons of Golden Atlantis, connect and learn how they can support you in your life

  • Day 9) questions and answers, practise and reviewing, certification day


Investment fee: $1200 (including a book about Atlantis and a oracle card deck). Payment plan available upon request.

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