The angels speak to us, offering personal guidance and empowerment when we need it. Angel cards are a great way to receive the messages of the angels, especially when we have questions about following our life purpose, getting relationship, health or career advice - ultimately to make our lives happier.Messages from the angels are always positive and uplifting.  During your angel card reading with Rachel, Rachel receives extra information from the angels to compliment the message on your chosen cards. The information received is always directly relevant to your question and intended to gently guide you to greater enlightenment (this can mean that you might not always get the information you want to hear, but all happens when you are ready to receive the messages, for your highest good). You can always be sure that no matter what situation you are in, the answers you get will be non-judgmental and loving in nature so you don’t have to worry about hearing something negative in your reading.

There is always an angel watching over you.

                                            Rachel Boulouys